About The Festival DOCK

The interest in historical cinema over the past decade is a trend in contemporary documentaries. Bearing this concept in mind not only across screens globally, but also here in Bulgaria, we were launching the largest forum for International Historic Documentary Cinema – DOCK. It will take place in Burgas over 5 days – between the 17th and the 22nd of September 2022..
The inaugural edition of the festival will offer:
  • An official competition programme, in which 10 films will take part;
  •  A special programme: 80 years since the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews
The evaluation of the films will be made by a highly-qualified international jury, which will present the awards of 1000 Euro.
The festival will be attended by actors, directors and screenplay writers from around the globe, and the audience will have free access to all the screenings.
DOCK’s mission is to become one of the most notable events on the Bulgarian cultural scene, which will contribute to exploring world history in an attractive and creative way.

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