Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Camminando sull’’acqua
50 minuter

1966, November the 4th. Florence wakes up under water and mud. During the night the Arno river had flooded the city center and the surroundings. History, art and activities of Florence risk to not survive. During these dramatic hours a man with a camera, Beppe Fantacci, with his 11 years old son Paolo, is filming the distruction of his beloved Florence with a plan in his mind. While his dear friend the mayor Piero Bargellini cries out for help worldwide, Beppe Fantacci, a selfmade businessman grown up in the United States, meets with two well known friends, the stylist Emilio Pucci and the buyer Enzo Tayar. Together they will fly to New York just a few weeks after the flood to show Beppe’s shocking film to the managers of big department stores and rise money to help the artisans of Florence to keep strong and start production again. A forgotten story of deep desperation, Italian creativity and brave recovery, the film features previosly unseen amazing 16 and 8 mm color footage, narrated after 50 years by Paolo Fantacci, and exclusive memories of the flood by famous florentine families such as Bargellini, Ferragamo, Pucci and Tayar, and gifted artisans who survived nowadays thanks to men like Beppe Fantacci.

Directed by Gianmarco D’Agostino
Editing by Alessandro Anichini
Music by Roberto Procaccini
Producer Gianmarco D’Agostino

Festivals 5th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival, Mumbai 2016, Festival dei Popoli, Florence 2016, NICE New italian Cinema Events Festival, San Francisco, 2017, NICE New italian Cinema Events Festival , Moscow & Saint Petersburg 2017