Shooting the Darkness

Shooting the Darkness

Shooting the Darkness is a film about the men who unwittingly became war photographers on the streets of their own towns. They did not leave home in search of war and adventure: the violence erupted around them. They expected a career of wedding photography and beauty pageants and instead the images they produced during the worst years of the ‘Troubles’ would come to define that conflict. The press photographer deals in single images that must distill story, character and context into a single frame. In the days before digital, a single click of the shutter at the right moment was all that mattered. As the complexity of those days fades from memory we are left with the images. What did it cost them to take those pictures? What was the value of those images as the conflict raged on for 25 years?

Director: Tom Burke

Length: 52 minutes

Year: 2019

Shooting the Darkness Teaser from Broadstone Films on Vimeo.