Atanas Kiryakov

Director Atanas Kiryakov was born in 1939. in Varna. He graduated in the field of movie directing in Paris. He is the author of 2  films and over 100 documentaries. He is also a screenwriter for most of his documentaries. In the most of the movies, the main theme is focused on the disadvantaged people, unjustly insulted and punished, crushed and humiliated by the system, bureaucracy and human evil. A large number of them were presented as a movie preview before movies  and very often were removed from the screen due to their sharpness. Let’s  mention the films: “Case № 30”, referring to the vicious justice in Bulgaria; the film “Eyes”, about the forgotten thousands of  Bulgarian children in the homes for orphans and the disabled who live in inhumane conditions. Together with Yuri Dachev they wrote the script for a feature film and realized it for BNT. The film is called “Barter” and won an award for television film at the Golden Rose Festival 2015, as well as a nomination and an honorary diploma from the Film Academy. The film was presented on the screens, after which it was broadcasted several times on BNT. The latest movie about Svetlin Rusev – “Sense of Eternity” was also broadcasted on BNR. Kiryakov is the winner of the Golden Age Award for his contribution to documentary movies.

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